World Class Therapy

Freya is an eclectic henna and body artist based out of Los Angeles, California.  She is expert in fine lines in both classical and contemporary style. Whatever art you can dream, she can adorn your body with. With years of experience doing Henna and body paint, she has developed her own unique style putting her among the leaders in her craft.

For Freya, Henna and body art is an outlet of creative expression. With the purest of intentions in her sessions, her love and light manifests onto her clients’ bodies in the form of beautiful artwork that can be felt on a cellular level. The connection with her the people she serves, bringing healing and self love is what inspires her to continue moving forward. Besides being a artist she is a mother, an incredible dancer, and a masterful healer.

“Creating is my passion and your body is my canvas”


What our Clients have to say

{I’ve had so many massages before I met freya that I thought were really good. I never had any one tune into my body the way she does. Her intuition is so on point with where my body is needed extra love! It feels like heaven! I can’t recommend her enough! She’s the best there is and she comes to you! Totally worth every penny and I always leave her a big tip because the experience is so valuable.
Michellina M.
{She's better every time I see her! Freya really has magic hands and she truly tunes in to what I am needing at that particular session. With a mixture of touch and energy work, she really goes to work on all levels on the body, mind, spirit simultaneously. I recommend her to everyone I know.
Marcello R.