Massage Journey

Massage Journey is an immersive experience incorporating different healing modalities along with Massage Therapy to give you a mind, body, spirit experience. We incorporate talking and getting to know what you need at this time, tea ceremony, divination, breathwork, movement, massage therapy, stretching, sound healing, and a technique we created called veiling. Have a full mind, body, spirit experience – and go away from the experience with a small henna tattoo.

Tea Ceremony

In the Tea Ceremony you have a selection of herbs corresponding to what you need.
We sit with it, speaking your intentions into the tea. As you drink the tea, you absorb all the intentions and everything you are needing to call into at the time. It’s fully customized to your unique needs.


Divination is using tools to connect to the divine. Through using divination shells and cards, you connect to what you are needing at the time. Close your eyes and grab whatever shells you need, whatever cards you feel drawn to and we do a reading to interpret what that is trying to show you that you need or can release. It allows you to connect to yourself in a different way.


Breathwork utilizes different breathing techniques to create different sensations and activations within the body. First we will activate the body through strong fast breathing techniques, the we slow the body down activating the para-sympathetic nervous system through long deep breaths. This helps to balance and bring us deep within our bodies.

Movement & Dance

Dance and Movement activates and gets us into the body. We move quickly, freely, and joyfully to bring that sense of joy and abundance into our lives, getting the body really awake. We then move slowly, sensually, to embrace the senses and the energy that create us all. This gets us grounded into the body and feeling really at peace and connected with the body that we are in.

Massage Therapy

With over 12 years of experience, I have learned many modalities and worked on many people. I incorporate what I’ve learned from personal experience of working with individuals as well the various techniques of each modality to give a unique customized experience tailored specifically for you. Each session is different for each person, and each time is also different depending on what it is you are needing.


Veiling is a technique that I created to promote relaxation and to incorporate visualizations to help you release anything that is not serving you. The idea is to remove the veils we have that block ourselves from seeing clearly what we need to see for ourselves or out into the world. There is a option to use it corresponding to all the Chakras to balance each Chakra, removing any old beliefs and anything that is not serving you any longer.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is an internal massage. The vibrations of the sound resonate within our body, allowing our energy to align with that pure vibration. Each note aligns with different Chakras, allowing them to vibrate at their highest frequency. We are all energy and it gets connected to our most basic essence as well as promoting relaxation, peace of mind, and you feel as if you are cleansed and massaged from the inside out.